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Over 90% of our COVID-19 PCR tests return results within 24 hours, the rest return within 48 hours.
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A Convenient Way to Get Better from Colds and Flu

Though the calendar date on the first day of spring promises something different, March still falls within the boundaries of cold and flu season, inspiring the team at WellNow Urgent Care to remind our patients that we are open seven days a week to help make it all better.

The only thing worse than falling victim to a pesky cold or a bout of the flu is them happening when you least expect it. Walk in or check in online for treatment of late-winter cold and flu symptoms that are preventing you from feeling your best.

From coughs and colds to sprains and strains, WellNow Urgent Care is here to treat non-life-threatening injuries and illnesses that may come your way. Walk in or check in online at a location nearest you today.

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