A Safer Labor Day

 The darker evenings and colder mornings show signs of summer’s close, but no better marker comes from the weekend where we take the time to relax and prepare for the season ahead: Labor Day.

Not only a widely observed weekend where companies and corporations close up shop to celebrate their workers – or laborers – but it’s also a time to think about how important every employee in the work place is and how their safety should always be top of mind.

Five Star Urgent Care is proud to have in-house occupational medicine services at every location with Five Star Occ Med. We offer a wide array of services that companies and employees themselves can benefit from to stay safe and healthy during their time at work, both pre- and post-employment.

Some of Five Star Occ Med’s general services include:

Wellness Programs

Five Star Occ Med offers customized, comprehensive wellness programs that focus on creating and improving wellness in the workplace. Our wellness programs are tailored to the specific needs of your employees and have been shown to improve efficiency and lower costs for employers.


All physicals are conducted by qualified, Five Star Urgent Care medical professionals. We provide DOT/19A certifications, DOT examinations, employment physicals, firefighter exams, general physicals and Return to Work evaluations.

Audiograms and Hearing Conservation Programs

Maintaining good hearing is essential for the health and safety of your workforce. We are proud to perform annual and baseline audiograms, or hearing tests, to help monitor any changes in the auditory function, as well as help your company develop a Hearing Conservation Program.

Blood Tests

Blood draws are performed on-site at Five Star Urgent Care locations by our trained employees, and sent out to our lab for testing. Results are typically returned to our facility within two days, are promptly reviewed by our employees and then overseen by a Medical Review Officer.

Some of the common blood draws performed for employers are:

– Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP)

– Complete Blood Count with Differential (CBC W/Diff)

– Lead with ZPP

– Lipid Panel

– Glucose

– Hepatitis B Titers

– MMR Titers

Electrocardiogram (EKG)

An electrocardiogram (EKG) is a test that records and measures the electrical activity of the heart. Performing an EKG as a part of your occupational health program provides early detection of life-threatening heart issues, detects previous cardiac damage that may have not been reported by the patient and ensures that your employee is fit to complete the demands of their job.

PPD Tuberculosis Skin Test

The Mantoux tuberculin skin test is a standard method of determining whether a person is infected with Mycobacterium tuberculosis using a purified protein derivative (PPD). The skin test is administered by injecting a small amount of tuberculin into the skin at the lower part of the arm.

Respirator Clearance Tests

Respirator clearances are OSHA-mandated to determine if an employee can safely and effectively wear a respirator. Five Star Occ Med provides exams such as Pulmonary Function Tests, Qualitative Respirator Fit Tests and X-rays with B-read.

Drug and Alcohol Testing

Employee drug screenings, also known as substance abuse and monitoring services, are an important part of workplace safety. We provide 5- and 12-panel drug screens, alcohol breathalyzer tests, DOT/Non-DOT drug screens, hair tests, random drug screens, and Pre-Employment and Post-Accident exams.

Learn more about our Five Star Occ Med services so you can become a healthier employee or safer employer. Contact us to learn more or walk in to the nearest facility today.

From all of us at Five Star Urgent Care, happy Labor Day!