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Children’s Health Day with FSUC

National Health Center Week – a time to celebrate all of the wonderful services that healthcare centers bring to their communities – comes to an end with Children’s Health Day on August 18th.  This special day comes at a perfect in-between time for our little ones as they begin to wrap up their summer adventures in preparation for the new school year ahead.

With the coming changes to routines, it’s important to not only check off their back-to-school lists, but also reinforce some tips that make sure your child is happy and healthy through every day and every season.

  1. Make sure all physicals are up to date.

Five Star Urgent Care is proud to offer back-to-school physicals for children starting at just $30 – with no appointment or insurance necessary. Walk in to any of our facilities before school begins to ensure that your student is starting their year on the right foot.

  1. Get quality sleep.

Before the early morning pick-ups and drop-offs begin, it’s important to start getting your child’s sleep schedule back on track. And, even though the first few days and weeks of a new year can be nerve-wracking, they need all of the consistent sleep they can get to make sure their learning capacity is at full strength. Start reinforcing – and rewarding –  rigid sleep and waking times about two weeks before your child’s first day so they can ease into their new morning routine when it comes.

  1. Talk to your child about the importance of washing hands.

We know that schools and classrooms – even with careful cleaning – can be a hotbed for passed-around germs and illnesses. Make sure to talk to your child about washing their hands before and after meals, and after they use the bathroom so they can protect not only themselves, but other students.

  1. Pack them a well-balanced lunch.

Making a balanced lunch may seem hard, but there are many online recipes to help you make sure your child is eating right. Fruits, vegetables, and whole grains are the perfect start to packing lunch boxes and bags full of the goodness that your little learner needs to get ahead.

  1. Stay busy (and outside)!

Even though the first day of school is right around the corner, it doesn’t mean that the summer fun is over just yet. Get outside with your kids and enjoy the afternoons together with games and adventures that keep them laughing so they’ll be in the right spirits for when the learning starts again.

It may be Children’s Health Day, but these five-star tips are sure to help you and your little ones stay healthy and prepared all year round. To help get them back-to-school ready, walk in to any of our Five Star Urgent Care locations for physicals starting at $30, with no appointment or insurance necessary and online check-ins available.

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