Brain Health Handled

WellNow Urgent Care is pleased to offer ClearEdge®, an FDA-compliant, non-invasive tool that assesses mild brain injuries, such as concussions.

ClearEdge uses state-of-the-art technology, developed in collaboration with SUNY Upstate Medical University in Syracuse, NY, to capture objective data through two assessments: ClearEdge® DANA, the cognitive test, and ClearEdge® Motion, the balance test. Our clinicians administer the suite of tests, which typically takes less than 30 minutes, to benchmark a patient’s current condition and better understand the breadth of the injury.  From there, patients may be asked to return for complimentary follow-up assessments to compare new results against the initial findings, in order to track their recovery over time.

Walk in to our Greece, Liverpool,Orchard Park or Niskayuna location for an assessment today.

ClearEdge should only be used if there has been no loss of consciousness and there is no sign of physical injury. If you are experiencing a life-threatening injury, call 911 immediately or visit your nearest ER.