WellNow Cares
Community Program

Keeping our communities healthy and happy is part of the WellNow experience. As we continue to grow and arrive in new areas, it’s increasingly important that we continue to strengthen roots in our communities with local partnerships, sponsorships and community-wide events. That’s why we have our WellNow Cares Community Program, which allows us to show our commitments within each neighborhood we provide care to.

Interested in a partnership, sponsorship or event collaboration? Fill out the form below to get in touch with our Community Outreach Coordinator.

For event-specific requests, we ask that you please submit requests at least two months prior.

Interested in a partnership?

The WellNow Focus

From the minute we open the doors of each new facility, our mission remains to provide quality, affordable medical care to individuals and families, as well as engrain ourselves in the community to be a part of what matters. In order to become helpful stewards in our neighborhoods, we put our focus on each of these core areas:

These focal points allow us to find the opportunities where we can become helpful neighborhood participants. Happy communities turning healthy communities is the WellNow standard, and a vision that we consistently strive to carry out.

Join us in bringing the WellNow Cares Community Program to your community.

WellNow Sponsorship Request Form

Please complete the form below to formally request a sponsorship from WellNow Urgent Care. Someone from the Community Outreach team will contact you to discuss your request in detail.

WellNow pays careful consideration to all incoming requests and will make all final decisions based on overall mission and goal alignment. Due to high level of requests, WellNow Urgent Care is not able to respond to or give funds to every request.