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Don’t Bug Out!

Protect Yourself From Bug Bites & Stings This Summer

June marks the beginning of summer, and with the weather heating up, you and your family may be embarking on some fun outdoor activities — don’t let insect bites and stings put a damper on the fun. Ensure all of your warm-weather festivities are as enjoyable and safe as possible by taking the precautions necessary to keep bugs at bay.

Invest in the Right Insect Repellent

Using bug spray is one of the best ways to keep insects off of your skin. Look for a repellent that contains no more than 25-30% DEET. However, use caution when using DEET products, especially on children — make sure they don’t ingest the spray, get it inside of their eyes or breathe it in, and avoid using it on infants. But DEET isn’t the only option. Bug spray with 20% picaridin can be just as effective and can be used on babies. With all repellents, follow the directions precisely, and spray the repellent on exposed skin and clothing for the most potent protection. Repellents with permethrin can be used on clothing, sleeping bags, and tents, but they should be kept away from the skin.

If you are looking for a more natural option, you can create your own insect repellent out of soybean oil and essential oils such as citronella and lemon eucalyptus. However, you may need to apply a natural repellent more frequently to ensure its efficacy.

Cover Up

Wearing long sleeves and long pants can prevent insects from accessing your skin. Try tucking your pants into your shoes or wearing tops with tight wristbands for extra protection. Concerned about getting too warm on a hot day? Wearing loose, lightweight, light-colored clothing can help keep you cool even when you’re covered up.

Protect the Pets

Your furry friends are just as susceptible to bug bites and stings as you are. Make sure your pet is up to date on flea prevention and keep them away from wooded or grassy areas where ticks may be lurking. Supervise them while they are outdoors to prevent them from disturbing a bee’s nest, too.

Be Aware of Lyme Disease

Lyme disease is a concern in the Northeast since ticks are especially prevalent in grassy and wooded areas. Symptoms include a bulls’-eye-shaped rash, fever, chills, headaches, achiness, fatigue, and lymph node swelling. Be sure to always check for ticks on your skin, clothing and scalp after spending time in an area where they may be present.

Do You Have a Bug Bite or Sting?

Whether you’ve been bitten by mosquitoes or have a bee sting, visit a WellNow Urgent Care facility nearest you for quick, convenient care. Our staff is trained to help treat animal and insect bites, with low wait times and no appointment needed. Early treatment is important for preventing more severe complications.

WellNow is available in your community to help make it all better – you and your experience. Walk in or check in online today to get well, now.

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