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First Aid at the Fair with Five Star

As summer winds down, we all feel the rush of fitting in all the activities from our seasonal lists. From soaking up the summer sun on a bike, on foot or in water, they all pale in comparison to the annual event of the season: The Great New York State Fair!

As we squeeze all of these activities into an ever-shrinking timeline, it’s still important to be prepared for the cuts and scrapes that may come our way with each adventure. Our CMO, Dr. LouAnne Giangreco, visited the Fair to take guests through ways to treat these small “oops” moments.

First Aid

Demonstrating on a guest, Dr. Giangreco showed us all the ways to clean and dress a wound with a checklist to rememberand follow.Wear gloves to keep the open wound sterile.

  1. Wash the wound. At home, you can use gentle soap and tap water. It’s important to avoid applying peroxide or iodine to the injury as they can damage the affected tissue.
  2. Dry the cleaned wound off with gauze.
  3. Apply a thin layer of antibiotic ointment to the laceration.
  4. Use a non-stick dressing and wrap to protect the cleaned wound from infection and to help you heal.

If you feel that this checklist doesn’t fit your specific wound, it’s important to know when to seek help. If you have a laceration from a foreign body, like glass, need a tetanus update, or are experiencing signs of infection, walk in to your nearest Five Star Urgent Care facility.

The Challenge

During her time at the Fair, Dr. Giangreco also set up a challenge where three contestants had to quickly – and accurately – perform the first aid steps that she taught them on a group of “patients.” It was so great to see everyone involved and putting all of their new-found knowledge to use.

While all in good fun, practices like these help educate everyone on the importance of knowing how to treat ailments, and also how to identify the necessary times to seek help.

For all of your non-life-threatening injuries and ailments, Five Star Urgent Care is here to save the day. For more information on what we treat, walk in or contact your local Five Star facility.

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