Five Star Urgent Care Sponsors Thirteenth Annual CMC Haunted House

Halloween is one of our favorite holidays here at Five Star Urgent Care as it lets everyone have a little spooky, seasonal fun. This year, Five Star is proud to sponsor the thirteenth annual CMC Haunted House in Cicero, New York. To commemorate the frightening thirteenth anniversary, the CMC dancers and instructors have worked extra hard to create a haunted house experience that you will never forget. Watch as memorable horror movie villains come to life before your very eyes and terrify the “yell” out of you with a scare around every corner. Come visit us at the booth we have set up every Friday and Saturday until October 25 to say hi, or take refuge from the villains that inhabit this haunted space. Remember, all of Five Star Urgent Care’s locations are equipped to treat all of life’s non-emergent ailments, especially sore throats from all the screaming we are sure you will be doing at this year’s haunted house.