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Five Star Urgent Care’s Race to NASCAR

On Sunday, August 6th, the Five Star Urgent Care team had the incredible opportunity to see – and sponsor – a NASCAR race. With #14 zooming by in its Five-Star blue best, it was an afternoon our team won’t soon forget.

Throughout the year, we ensure that team trainings and bonding sessions happen regularly. At Five Star Urgent Care, we know how important it is that we treat our employees like family – and a day at Watkins Glen was sure to do just that. With sunshine and laughs, our hardworking staff got to enjoy a day of celebrating their hard work and all of the efforts that they put into providing quick and convenient care – day in and day out.

Our Five Star car, driven by Clint Bower, looked the part. Sporting our bright blue and vibrant red colors, #14 was a sight to see on the track, and having a car as fast as our care was amazing to see in real life. Coming in 5th on the leaderboard was just icing on the cake! We are so proud to have had a spot on both the racetrack and at the top of the finisher’s list.

We are as dedicated to our care as we are our community, so if you see us out at events, be sure to say hello!

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