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Give Your Workplace a Check-up

Owned by the National Safety Council, June marks National Safety Month, which is entirely dedicated to staying safe while on the job. And even though this specific month of recognition aims to raise awareness on workplace safety, employers are still staffed with the job of providing safe work environments for their team and employees all year round, too.

Whether it is in the office or on the go, give your working environment its yearly check up with these easy-to-implement tips and tricks.

In the Field

For employees that are on site, hitting the road and frequently on the go: be sure to stay aware of all your surroundings. Wear proper protective gear, such as hard hats, steel-toed boots and eye goggles, if the job calls for it. Be alert to any and all signs, most importantly those indicating caution, so you can remain alert and at the ready for any nearby hazards.

When lifting heavy objects, be sure to lift with your whole body – not just your back or arms. This will help reduce the risk of straining muscles in the neck, back or shoulders. If an object is out of your reach, grab a stable stool or ladder to avoid any potential falls.

When on the road traveling, take frequent stops to avoid fatigue and receive an adequate amount of sleep each night to make sure you’re fully awake when behind the wheel. If you need to stay in contact with others while driving, use a Bluetooth device for calls and always pull over to check any text messages or emails that may need your immediate attention.

In the Office

Even if you’re not directly in the field, offices still pose serious safety risks if not properly maintained. Ensure that all floors are comprised of a skid-resistant surface, such as carpeting, and remain clutter-free. When stacking boxes or using file cabinets, ensure all cartons are towered safely and drawers are properly closed to avoid any trips and falls. And, always be mindful to the placement of cords and other loose items to help reduce hazards at main office paths.

When using computer equipment – especially laptops – ensure displays are at least 20-26 inches away from your eyes and not are positioned close to open windows, which can provide glaring that is harmful and causes significant strain. Keyboards and mice should be positioned on a desk that produces a 90-angle with your arms for a more comfortable workspace.

If possible, ask your employer for a standing desk. In addition to getting you out of your chair, standing desks help support proper posture, good circulation and stronger leg muscles. To keep your body moving throughout the day, find ways to increase your number of steps by making simple choices of parking further away, taking the stairs and walking on your lunch break.


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