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Should I Go to Urgent Care or the Emergency Room?

Five Star Urgent Care provides quick and convenient care for each person that walks through the door. Because we are an urgent care center, we can provide our patients with non-life-threatening ailments the same comprehensive care as an emergency room – without the wait or the high costs.

In the debate between whether you should go to an urgent care center or an emergency room for your particular ailment, it’s important to know the difference between the two. If you have a life-threatening illness or injury with correlating symptoms, you should rush to the emergency room. These conditions that can permanently impair or endanger your life should be treated immediately, such as:

-Severe chest pain

-Severe abdominal pain

-Internal bleeding




When an illness or injury is still serious, but not life threatening, it’s time to head to an urgent care center. Serious ailments that need to be treated quickly have a wide range that an urgent care facility can treat, such as:

-Fevers, flu or colds

-Ear infections

-Sprains and strains

-Lacerations or minor burns

-Sinus and respiratory issues

Five Star Urgent Care is a proud Facility-Fee-free practice, which better allows us to serve you well. With little to no wait, we can offer you and your family quick and convenient care that you need –  no appointment necessary. For whatever life throws at you, learn more about how Five Star Urgent Care can help you and your family.

Five Star Urgent Care is a walk-in urgent care center, open 7 days a week. For additional information or questions, contact or visit a location near you.

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