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National Preparedness Month at Five Star Urgent Care

Accidents, injuries, illnesses or “oops” moments in life can happen anywhere, anytime, so it’s important that you and your family are prepared with supplies and a plan at all time. Five Star Urgent Care is celebrating National Preparedness Month by helping to spread awareness about just that.

Here are some tips to help keep your family prepared and safe for whatever may come your way:

Keep a First Aid Kit handy.

From your car to your office to your home, a First Aid Kit is the first line of defense for any accident. With a healthy supply of band-aids, gauze, antibiotic ointment, and medical tape, you can combat any injury with the simple tools that help heal or conceal until you reach our urgent care center.

These kits and their contents should be discussed with each member of the family. Everyone should know where they are located, how to make the most out of each protective tool, and when they should be replenished. Conversations like this are the first step towards being prepared and safe.

Keep medical records in a safe place.

Though most records are kept within the respective systems of your care providers, it’s important to keep each family member’s insurance information and physical key documents in a safe, consistent place. While we all strive to avoid accidents, we may never truly know when they occur – so take the scramble of gathering information out of the stress.

Every family member should have their documents in the same place, as well as knowledge of this safe place.

Keep an Emergency Contact list.

It’s important to have a visible list of emergency contacts for you and your kids available at all times. Keep this list up-to-date, with as many copies as possible to put on the fridge, inside of a backpack or inside of a wallet. Go over ways for your kids to remember Mom or Dad’s numbers by heart, and make sure that all coaches or friends’ parents have all your emergency contact information saved as well.

Have the conversations.

If mom or dad falls, does your child know what to do? When an accident happens, do you know if your trip should be to urgent care or the emergency room? Conversations like this are instrumental to keeping your family as a whole safe and informed for whatever may come.


For more more information or questions, walk in or contact a Five Star Urgent Care located nearest you.

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