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National Women’s Health Week

Whether it is on the college campus, at the playground, or in the office, women around the globe move mountains every day. But keeping their own health and wellness top of mind can be a challenge.

National Women’s Health Week is celebrated from May 14-20, placing emphasis on providing women with the resources and information they need to maintain a healthy life. As a proud supporter of National Women’s Health Week, Five Star Urgent Care has compiled a list of easy-to-implement habits for healthy women of all ages to adopt, jumpstarting their health.

Schedule Your Yearly Physical
Take time out of the year to sit down with your primary care provider for your annual physical to cover your health – from head to toe. Come prepared with specific questions about your health, what recommended supplements you should be taking, and any preventative tests or screens you should have at your age.

Unsure of what to expect at your stage in life? Visit the National Women’s Health Week’s website for tailored guidance based on your decade.

Strive for Five
Eating healthy, balanced meals provide your body the nutrients it needs while helping maintain a healthy weight. A wholesome diet includes the greens, beans and everything in between. Incorporate at least five servings of vegetables in your snacks and meals each day. Substitute salty, fried snacks for crunchy veggies and hummus for a savory meal on the go. Troubled with the taste of veggies? Try adding leafy vegetables to fruit smoothies for a sweet treat packed with nutrients to kick-start your day.

Make R&R Your A-Game
Busy lives lead to busy bodies. Amongst the hustle and bustle of your daily routine, don’t let your rest and relaxation fall to the wayside. Aim to get at least seven to eight hours of rest each night – when possible – to help keep your focus sharp and your mental health in tip-top shape. Avoid excess amounts of caffeine from coffee and soda, and limit the use of cell phones and tablets before bed.

Struggling to catch some Z’s? Forget counting sheep. Instead, complete pen and paper brain teasers, such as crosswords and word searches, alongside soft, instrumental music.

Wine Down in Moderation
While an evening glass of wine might seem necessary some nights, make sure alcohol is enjoyed in moderation. Switch out your go-to glass of evening vino for a cup of herbal tea. Ginger, peppermint and chamomile teas all have safe, natural calming effects to help ease even the most chaotic days – one sip at a time.

If mornings prove to be the most hectic, refrigerate your favorite tea overnight to start each day with a cool and calming brew.

Make Time to Move
No matter your age, regular exercise is critical to both staying healthy and feeling your best. Carve out at least 30 minutes a day for regular, light exercise. Fun, easy-to-implement exercise regimens can be:

  • Walks around the neighborhood or college campus with your favorite tunes
  • Daily rounds of tug of war, tag and fetch with your four-legged best friend outside
  • Following along to your favorite online yoga videos at home twice a week
  • Weekend hikes around notable trails and paths with friends or family

These simple add-ons help pave the way for women to live healthier lives – no matter their age. Should an illness or injury happen along the way, visit a Five Star Urgent Care nearest you to help you get back to conquering the day.

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