COVID-19 testing available at all WellNow centers with no appointment needed.
Same and next-day PCR tests are available at our Ohio and New York centers. Learn more.

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Same and Next-Day PCR Results

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Visit the center of your choice. No appointment or referral required.


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Bring your ID and feel free to use the QR code at the center for contactless registration.


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Check your phone for a text with a link to view your results on the portal when ready.


Same and next-day PCR results are available at all Ohio locations.

Testing Times for Same-Day PCR Results

Tests administered at our centers in Ohio, by the times below, will have results provided same-day. All PCR results will be returned within 24 hours.


Testing for same and next-day PCR results may be covered by insurance as part of the CARES Act and exclusions may apply. Please contact your insurance carrier for full details on your coverage. Base visit, co-pays, and any other necessary service charges may apply.

For our uninsured patients Same & Next Day PCR will be $100 PCR test, plus $130 for the base visit, and any other necessary service charges.

Same-day results apply to tests administered before the testing times listed below by center. All other PCR results will be returned within 24 hours.

You will receive a text notification confirming we received and are processing your sample, as well as a second text notification when your results are ready.


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