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Prepare Your Medical for Every Hypothetical

Here comes the sun, and the summer adventures along with it. This is the season of full calendars, outdoor gatherings, stretching the most out of each day’s hours, and the dreaded emergency that can halt it all. From bumps to bruises to the undisclosed “boo-boo” uttered from your little one, Five Star Urgent Care has you covered through these warm “let’s try that” months – and beyond.

Before an emergency strikes, it’s important to be prepared for anything at any time – and that means discussing things with your kids, too, like how to properly communicate what hurts, and more.

Here are some things that all family members should strive to keep on them at all time:


-Picture ID: For adults, always keep your license or ID on you no matter what, and for kids, anything from a school ID or library card is important to always carry, too. These small things go make a big difference in ensuring that the paperwork process goes smoothly.

-Emergency contact list: In the world of cell phones, it is much easier to keep track of phone numbers. However, in a situation where that is not an option, it’s important to have one or two of your emergency contact’s phone numbers memorized for that just-in-case moment. Go over ways for your kids to remember Mom or Dad’s numbers by heart, and make sure that all coaches or friends’ parents have all your emergency contact information saved as well.

Insurance card: For existing patients, we will already have your insurance information on file, which can take some of the worry out. However, we still ask that you always bring your card with you on each visit – be it well or emergency – so that we can discuss any changes being made to your plan or coverage. This allows for the preliminary paperwork to go as quickly and smoothly as possible. We will also keep a list of your existing medications on file as well, so we ask that you are prepared to discuss any changes to that list at the time of your visit.

-List of allergies: If you or your child is acutely or severely allergic to any medications or materials, it is important to keep a list handy or memorized for moments of unplanned emergency. The health and care of you and your loved ones is our number-one priority, so we’ll want to take every precaution that we can, where we can.


With any situation, we’re here to help. For any non-life-threatening ailment or injury, visit a local Five Star Urgent Care location nearest to you.

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