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Staying Well Starts with the Lunch Box

Back-to-school season means new notebooks, earlier mornings…and an increased risk of colds and flu. But did you know that what you pack in your child’s lunch box now could have an impact on whether or not they will need a sick day in the future?

A diet high in vitamin C and antioxidants can play a huge part in boosting your child’s immune system, helping them fight off illnesses. Here at WellNow Urgent Care, we are here to provide you with tips and tricks for packing a lunch box filled with delicious snacks that are jam-packed with cold-and-flu-fighting nutrients.

However, no matter how nutritious your child’s diet is, a pesky cold or flu can still come home from school with them. When that’s the case, check in to your nearest WellNow Urgent Care — no appointments needed and most insurance accepted. We look forward to helping you and your loved ones get back to being well, now.

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