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Top Five Questions Asked by You, Answered by Us

Your health and wellness are important and there are often questions that arise when seeking treatment. Five Star Regional Medical Director Dr. LouAnne Giangreco answers five of the top questions that are asked most frequently by our patients.

  1. What over-the-counter medications or prescriptions are safe to take in conjunction with my existing medications? It is impossible to name all the possible interactions that medications can have with one another, but having a list of your current medications will make it easy for you doctor to notice any potential hazards. Pharmacists can also serve as a partner in ensuring there are no medication interactions.
  1. Do I need an appointment to visit a Five Star Urgent Care Facility? Every Five Star location operates on a walk-in basis only.
  1. What home treatments can I do for a sprain or strain? Using the RICE technique (rest, ice, compression and elevation) will help alleviate symptoms and promote healing.
  1. Is there a difference between having a broken bone and a fracture? A fracture is the medical term for a broken bone and may be used interchangeably.
  1. Can repeated urinary tract infections be prevented and do products containing cranberry help to treat a urinary tract infection? Women are more prone to urinary tract infections because the short urethra allows for bacteria to enter the bladder. Drinking plenty of water, frequently emptying the bladder, wiping from front to back to prevent anal bacteria from entering the urethra and avoiding irritating female products may help to reduce the likelihood of urinary tract infections. It’s important to note that while studies have shown cranberries can decrease the binding of the bacteria, cranberry products cannot be used to treat urinary tract infections.

See Dr. Giangreco speak about these questions during a recent appearance on WSYR’s Bridge Street morning show. In addition to these top five questions, see other frequently asked questions by Five Star patients. Should you experience any non-life threatening injury or ailment, contact a Five Star Urgent Care location nearest you today. All walk-in facilities are equipped to treat minor injuries and illnesses, take x-rays and provide basic on-site testing without the need for an appointment.

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