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How – and When – to Visit an Urgent Care Center

Urgent care centers are among the fastest growing health care options in the US, with up to 800 new locations opening up each year – and Five Star Urgent Care is proud to be a part of that ever-growing number.

Because the number of urgent care options is always increasing, it’s important to understand how a particular facility fits into your health care decisions. Being informed can help you save time, money and also keep your family safe and healthy – it’s research that’s worth the read.

If you’re thinking about incorporating an urgent care center into your family’s health care routine, it’s helpful to understand how – and when – and urgent care facility can help.

Here are some things to consider before heading to your local urgent care:

  • If you have a life-threatening illness, a broken bone or need immediate medical attention due to loss of blood or consciousness, go straight to an emergency room.
  • Not all urgent care centers have on-staff physicians at all times. Before visiting, ask whether you will see a doctor, a physician’s assistant or a registered nurse.
  • If the urgent care center is part of a hospital, ask if there is an additional facility fee that you will be charged for. Hidden fees can often become the grey cloud to an otherwise pleasant experience, which is why Five Star Urgent Care prides ourselves on providing a facility-fee-free practice where you won’t get a mystery bill in the mail weeks and months post-visit.
  • Find out if the urgent care center near you participates with your health plan. For information on which insurances Five Star works with, visit our FAQ page.
  • Do your research and ask about the fees for a basic visit, as well as fees for additional services like x-rays, vaccinations or blood tests.
  • Ask when payment is due to the urgent care facility, whether it’s at the time of service or billed to you at a later date.

Being prepared with all of these things and asking the right questions can help keep you and your family in the know – and safe – for when an injury or illness occurs.

For every non-life-threatening illness or injury, Five Star Urgent Care is here to save the day. Walk into your local Five Star facility or contact us for more questions about the services we offer and how we can help you and your family when you need it most.

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