Masks are required at all locations.
For the most updated info on PCR test results, access patient portal here. (Please do not contact the centers for updates.)
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May officially kicks off National Urgent Care Awareness Month, making it the perfect time to celebrate you, our patients, and thank you for all the ways that you’ve helped us grow as an urgent care provider. This month also serves as a timely reminder of how we continuously strive to help make it all better – you and your experience – with our wide array of services and amenities.

See all of the ways WellNow is here to help – and all of the ways you’ve helped us along the way.

For non-life-threatening injuries and illnesses, there’s a WellNow Urgent Care facility nearby to help make it all better. Walk in or check in online today, or read more about the illnesses and injuries we treat and the extended services we provide to our patients.

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