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Our leadership

John Radford, MD Headshot

John Radford, MD

Founder and President

John Radford, M.D. founded WellNow Urgent Care, formerly Five Star Urgent Care, by opening its first location in Big Flats, New York in 2012. He positioned the company to offer care that is faster, more accessible and more affordable, while taking advantage of advances in technology. Dr. Radford graduated from University at Buffalo State University Of New York School of Medicine in 1997 and specializes in emergency medicine.

Tanvir M. Dara Headshot

Tanvir M. Dara

Chief Medical Officer

Tanvir M. Dara, M.D. is a graduate of King Edward Medical College. He completed residency training at State University of New York at Buffalo hospitals and is a dual board certified physician in Internal Medicine & Emergency Medicine. He has over 25 years of experience practicing emergency and urgent care medicine. He served as Chairman of Emergency Medicine at Sisters Hospital, Buffalo before joining WellNow Urgent Care as Chief Medical Officer in 2017.

Joseph Malzone Headshot

Joseph Malzone

Vice President of Operations

Nirali Rodriguez Headshot

Nirali Rodriguez

Vice President of Marketing

Andrea Knowles Headshot

Andrea Knowles

Senior Director of Clinical Operations

Timothy Birklin Headshot

Timothy Birklin

Director of Operations, Occupational Health

Richard Ross Headshot

Richard Ross

Senior Director of Information Technology

Christa Bertolini Headshot

Christa Bertolini

Vice President of Human Resources

Michelle Bailey Headshot

Michelle Bailey

Director of Administration

Victoria Lonzi Headshot

Victoria Lonzi

Corporate and Community Marketing Manager

Jenilee Foster Headshot

Jenilee Foster

Regional Lead Provider

Melissa Thomas Headshot

Melissa Thomas

Regional Lead Provider

Felicia Baldwin, CPA Headshot

Felicia Baldwin, CPA

Director of Accounting

Lia Young, CPA Headshot

Lia Young, CPA